Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Weekend Round Up

This week we have good news and bad news. The bad news is we lost both games over the weekend and conceded a total of 14 goals. The good news is that we are now bottom of the league and can only go up from here.

Our Opponents this weekend are Seaforth Youth Club and as you can see below they beat Harbord Seasiders B team 5-2! So no doubt the young rascals will attempt to run us raggered this weekend. Our team has a mean average age of 75 years of age so lets try and make the ball do the work. We also have some serious beer drinking to be doing too. Booker informs me that there is over a 1000 tins of beer to be drunk between now and the end of the season, so do the team a favour and drink as much beer as possible after the game.

Goals Tally


Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Harbord 1 – 3 Avalon

After a loosing streak, a string of injuries and missing players there was nothing to lose against the league leaders Avalon. Thursday night’s training session and subsequent black board session resulted in a new attacking team formation. 3-1-4-2. When the whistle was blown Avalon didn’t know there a#@s from their heads and ran round with their heads up their a@#s trying to work out what our formation was and how to mark us. A solid back line defence (Booker, Billy & Ed) helped by Dazza playing just in front of them kept out any of there few chances and the new attacking set up played well into our hands. Acres of space were being created on the left and right and plenty of Harbord players pushing up to strike on goal. One of those being Neil who hit a powerful shot that was parried by the keeper only to be cleaned up by the six yard box goal hanger yours truly. The ball couldn’t have rebounded back off of the keeper in a better place; a simple straight forward header into the back of the net gave us the lead.

Slowly Avalon came to terms with the match they had on their hands and started to gain some shape to their defence and attack. Where as we lost a fair bit of shape (and I’m not talking about boothys belly). The Boothman playing the holding strikers position up front (aka peter crouch/wayne rooney) was laying balls off to Neil and Simon running through. Mean while our back heal king Evan was given a free role in midfield and the job of halting the Avalon attack along with Alex. Booker was putting in some crunching tackles at the back and was interchanged for Travis who made some frate train tackles in the same position. The right flank was only beaten once all day. Avalon drew back with a punishing header that didn’t give Cess a chance. 1-1. And just before half time a mix up at the back on a set peace resulted in Avalon taking the lead. Down 2-1 at half time but enjoying our football the seasiders came out with ambitions of hitting the back of the net again. Pearcy created some space on the right, skinned a few players and put in the crosses, Neal Lampard had several shots on goal but was unlucky not to get on the score sheet. Neal also put through Simon with the pass of the day which Simon spanked from 25 yards…..the fans watched as the ball dipped over the keepers head and hit the cross Bar!!!!!

It was going to be one of those days…..With so much push to score from Harbord we were left vulnerable at the back and Avalon scored a counter punch just like the WOP’s this morning. The game over, the winners Avalon went home like losers and the losers stayed on at the pitch like winners. Ed was voted Man-Of-the-match for an outstanding display at the back.

In deed it didn’t feal like a loss, it felt like the start of a beautiful thing (not shed)……. But the new improved attacking football that will get Harbord into a semi finals birth.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Monday, May 22, 2006

WEEK Seven Round Up

Top Scorers - 23rd May 2006

1. Matty (6)
2. Richo (5)
3. OG (2)
4. Dazza (1)
4. Ade (1)
4. Greg (1) (Penalty)
4. Deano (1)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Week 4 - Seasiders A 5 - 0 Seasiders B

Match day three was always billed in the favour of ourselves (the A' side), mainly due to our vast experience (Boothy), Youthfull exuberence (Chris), and our tough tatics (Greg). From the start the result never looked in doubt after Daz made an immediate impact upon his return with a cool well taken finish. The fact that our oppenents only had what appeared to be 8?
players on the field at the start of play may have had something to do with this also.. Then was a major period of uncertanty with Richo copping sh#t left, right and centre for our teams total loss of what the f**k we were doing out there. Then we kind of relaxed into play and were quite happy to let the opposition out number us on numerous occasions in attack before and good turn from Matty and it was now comfortable at 2 - 0. Other first half highlights was a standard Dan Garness illegal manouvre and to top it off kick the ball away with total dis - regard for the rules (thats another beer we owe Soda). I can also remember Shed reeling back the years or is that the many beers to come off his line when required. Apologies for any unsung hero's not mentioned yet. Half time team talk was pretty calm what can you say when playing average, 2 - 0 up and looking at setting up a camp in your opponents final third for 45 minutes. Play started as expected with the defence drawing straws for the next chance to enter the pomo. Bill spotted Neil make an attempt to break a wrist with a call, "well, thats how you broke your wrist", (a timely reminder to take it easy). It was like a massive Tsunami with wave upon wave of powerful attacking play although somewhat less devastation. Chances a plenty and three goals, A quality Greg penalty, a power play head from Ade (not to be muscled out of his first of many for the season), And we got one off a long throw, Matty nipping in at the far from deep, often a tatic used in drunken state on the weekend. Other highlights were the respect Travis recieved for his blistering place and Boothy for his shocking display of shooting form outside the box after comfiming at training we'll never get this much time in a game!! Overall it wasn't pretty, nice passing though at times, we'll take our five goals and build on em!! Nice to have Daz and Ade back. A big welcome home to Cecil who demonstrated his ability to skull a beer in the Bowlo (how about that then Fridge?) See you all training Thursday, We've got the squad back, bring it on..

Author: Neil Durrant

Monday, April 10, 2006

League Results and Table - WEEK 5

Harbord Seasiders United 1 - 1 Curl Curl

Round two of the Football season saw last years cellar dwellers Curl Curl against the unlucky semi finalists HSU. Much had changed over the off season with HSU having an event filled off season which included a Grosse spending $20,000 on unknown (insert male prostitutes here) on his week long tour of Europe, the inclusion of several illegal immigrants and rugby players in the squad, a night in a central coast cell and of course more injuries to Ed. Curl Curl had also had an event filled off season with many of the facing the challenges of puberty for the first time. Would the inclusion of pubic hair improve their game? Only time would tell...

HSU started strongly dominating the early challenges. Despite this there were few shots on target due to the strong central defence of the youngsters. The game continued with HSU below their best but still on top. Shed had yet to move outside his six yard box and was busy setting up his picnic set in goals. The best chance of the half went to Curl Curl. Greg cleared a corner of the line with a clever combination of foot, hand and head that he had learnt while competing in the Rhythmic Gymnastics at the Commonwealth games. Nil all at half time was a fair reflection of the play. The highlight of the half's play was Trevor's technicolour spew on the side lines.
HSU started the second term in second gear. Despite this they were still dominating many of the challenges. Some pussy footing around and a bit of confusion led to Curl Curls first goal. It could of been two seconds later with the Curl Curl striker managing to hook the ball out of the goal. He has already been nominated for defender of the year. Congrats. HSU woke up from its slumber with a great ball from our new breakaway Trevor. Seconds later and Matty had scored a screamer. 1-1. Would the strong finishing HSU side roll over the Curl Curl team as it approached their bed time? Not today. Despite a number of close calls from long throws HSU would not add to their tally this day. The last play of the game saw Curl Curl with a chance to win the game. One on one, youngster v old man shed, thin v less thin, mobile v less mobile, who would win???? Shed pulled off a ripper as the striker attempted to go through the big man. Obviously the years of training at the gym (insert Leagues Club bar here) had strengthened the Sheldon body to its now inpenetratable state. One all. A fair result which should go our way next time with more troops on hand and a little more fitness.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Photo's of the Post Match Warm Down!